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Garret Handheld Metal Detector

50,000.00 47,500.00

Glosat State of the Art Engineered Metal Detectors

State of the Art Engineered Metal Detectors that Deliver Optimum Detecting of Unwanted Articles Inside the Premises. General features
  • “”Fully Automatic Self Adjusting Circuits.
  • Inbuilt Battery Charger.
  • Detector of all Metal Objects, Ferrous & Non Ferrous Including Stainless Steel.
  • Very Quick To Identify Metal Objects with Proportional Audible (Buzzer) & Visible (LUD) Indicator
  • Casing made up of High Resistant ABS.
  • Large Scanning Areas. Auto Setting.
  • Lowest False Alarm Rates.

Hand Held Metal Detector

12,000.00 11,000.00

Glosat Security Quality Handheld Metal Detectors

The super-scanner is a CE passed handheld security body scanner that is designed to meet the exact requirements of the security industry. Tech spec:
  • Rugged ABS construction
  • Large 10 inch scanning surface
  • Runs on one 9 volt battery
  • Pre-set sensitivity do not require adjustments

MeteProbe-04 Hand Held Metal Detector

12,000.00 10,000.00
This professional-grade hand-held metal detector from Bounty Hunter­ comes equipped with features only found in top-of-the-line models, making the Guardian an excellent value.