With both general and specialized training

A State of the Art Training Academy


The GLOSAT Security Academy is our flagship, State of the art Security Training and Command Centre. We plan and take responsibility for the Facilitation, Adminstrative and Technical Support Services needed to deliver Specialist Security Programmes for our various industry clients.

In recent times, GLOSAT has collaborated with Foreign Partners to develop training programmes of international standards. Companies and clients can enroll in our most unique and prestigious institute of training to beef up and upgrade the efficiency of thier security personnel. The GLOSAT Security Academy is headed by a Commandant.

GLOSAT will handle all logistics required by the Specialist Security Training Programme. This includes:

  • Pickup and Transfer for Trainers
  • Pickup and Transfer for Student-Trainees
  • In-Country Freight and Transfer of Specialist Equipment and Supplies
  • Physical and Line of Sight Security for Trainers
  • Secure Storage of Specialist Equipment

GLOSAT will provide the requisite accommodation to cover the following:

  • Hotel or other suitable accommodation for Trainers
  • Hostel or other suitable accommodation for Student-Trainees
  • Secure office space for administrative functions
  • Fully-fitted classroom accommodation for the day-to-day training needs
  • Full provision of beds, mattresses, pillows and other sleeping materials in hostelaccommodation

GLOSAT will provide training and site facilities for the Specialist Security Programmes.

Training and site facilities will include:

GLOSAT will provide secure equipment storage for specialist security equipment for the duration of the our Specialist Security Training Programme.

GLOSAT takes security very seriously. Security guard will be deployed to protect property, assets, staff and trainers whilst on GLOSAT premises.

Our security guards will be neatly uniformed and will act to protect property, staff and students by maintaining a high visibility presence to ensure safety.

GLOSAT will provide Security, Management and other Ancillary Support staff to cover the duration of your Specialist Security Training Programme.

GLOSAT will provide office administration services. This will cover day-to-day activities related to planning, scheduling, classroom support, personal as well as physical assistance to trainers and students throughout the duration of the course.

Office administration activities will include planning work assignments for trainers and students, supervising administrative and support staff , requesting new office equipment and repairs on existing equipment. Administrative